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Sysmosoft makes Sense

We were approached by the international venture fond with mobile security companies in focus. One of companies they invested in was Sysmosoft. A company that provides a new solution for the secure mobile data transfer. With the venture fond pushing integrations with other applications, and preparing it for new markets, the company needed a overhaul of its image and presentation. We were invited to help.

How to deal with new market strategy?

The company was young and consisted of vibrant management and engineers working on the application and struggling to bring it to the market.Due to concentration on the actua development of the solution,  the identity of the company and its representation online was rarely a focus. Therefore, the website was very basic and full of technical details, assuming that visitors are already familiar with the topic. To align with a new business strategy, the company asked for the new “soul” - a contemporary logo, fresh slogans, recognisable colours, modern website and useful printed material – everything had to be changed.


Good preparation is a half of the project

We were not too familiar with the mobile security industry, at the time. Searching the Internet gave us only a glimpse into the realm of possibilities and solutions. In order to be able to advise on this project, we have prepared a comprehensive questionnaire for the client.

Answers were needed to understand the industry better and to find the position of Sysmosoft in it. We needed to identify their strong points and weaknesses, competition and alternative solutions to the problem, target markets, decision makers and other important topics.

This not only helped us to understand the industry, but also made the client reflected on its position in mobile security universe. Some of the answers were challenged by our team and discussed over several teleconferences.

We find this type of initial work crucial for the success of any project, together with an open mindedness and a patience on the client side.    


If you cannot recognize a company, you can't remember it either

The company has a very generic name for its main product - Sense. The name could easily be misunderstood and mistaken for some other products and services. The logo used was a rather hart-to-read combination of violet, green and grey geometric surfaces that tried to explain what the product does in great detail.

We have decided to build a new identity around the same colours to keep it recognisable and to build on already established identity. The new logo we came up with is much simpler than the old one but it still communicates the main feature of the product - the layers of platforms' mobile security. The product name (Sense) was “pushed” aside a bit, and the communication now pivots around the main corporate brand – Sysmosoft.

Sysmosoft logo

It took a week or two for the client to start feeling good with the new identity. At first, it looked “too simple”, but after a while it was accepted as an elegant solution, recognisable and easy to apply to various applications and media.


Website with clear communication and value proposition

The usual website development process traditionally tends to start right in the middle of it – with design. Many clients expect exactly that, and focus solely on design. This is far from the ideal approach, and fortunately Sysmosoft understood this.

On this particular project, after we gained deep insight in the company, their competition and industry, we joined our heads around specifying the value proposition and short presentation of the service.

Sysmosoft website homepage

Sysmosoft website homepage

We came up with almost twenty potential slogans among which the client decided to go with “Mobile security finally makes Sense”. It successfully combined the name of their solution with the main value proposition. The claim was further developed in bullets on the website homepage.

The website was built with a presentation and lead generation in mind. We have advised on optimal information architecture according to their goals. Therefore, all sections have clear call-to-actions and natural flow in presentation of the main features with main target audience in mind. The flow ends in a high converting form page.

The content was developed for the main target audience, and illustrated with custom graphics.

The focus here was to create simple graphics that would convey what is actually a complex concept, since the target audience are not only IT experts but also managers that are decision makers in their potential clients’ companies.

Sysmosoft icons

Working with limitations can be inspiring

Website visitors, Sysmosoft and the investing venture fond were unanimously thrilled with the new website. The next step was to bring their main product administration GUI in line with the new visual identity.

Redesigning the security administration backend was a difficult task. Applying a totally different user interface asked for the radical overhaul of the complex application itself. As this was not an option we needed to adapt  the GUI using CSS only, which implied many limitations.

Nevertheless, the final design used the available possibilities to a maximum and introduced a much better user experience to most important clients. This helped differentiate from competitors and reduce a churn of clients.

Some concepts that couldn’t be fully implemented on the Sysmosoft solution administration were used for a redesign of their iOS apps, both for iPhone and iPad. This was a final step of corporate digital assets redesign process.  As a result, the company got a firm ground and clear identity for any future development of its digital assets.


Success as a result of good cooperation

The Client was satisfied with the process and results, delivered on time just for the main event in the industry. As a result, we have been charged with preparation of various other materials for the company – business cards, posters, presentations sheets and other.

Overall, the project was a challenge for us, but the effort was recognised through the satisfaction of the client and their recommendation to others in the industry.

We were very happy how we have managed to cope with the industry that was mainly unknown to us before we started with Sysmosoft, and how we as an agency, with the help of the engaged and enthusiastic client, contributed to the success of the project. All successful projects always have this kind of teamwork in common.

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