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Our client Kid's Jungle children's playroom daily manages with busy customer demands and monitors fast-paced operations at a glimpse in the largest shopping mall chain in the country. For them, it was time to say goodbye to bottlenecks at reception with scaled check-in process to accommodate more visitors and at the same time powering up existing security processes.

Check-in process is a customer-driven experience

Free children's playroom Kid's Jungle at City Center one is a right place to have fun, play, hang out and be creative, all under the supervision of professional staff. With the number of kids growing at an astounding rate on a monthly basis, introducing this new solution and replacing Excell sheets with web administration, helped their check-in process go more smoothly. By accurately capturing visitor data, analytics were just one click away.

The benefits of real-time data and planning ahead

With automatically recording attendance, the system provides the current number of children, as well as those who are waiting in line. For the planning, knowing the data is crucial: who are the most frequent visitors, when is the prime time and since the birthdays are in the system as well, the client is able not only to pre-plan activities, but to create pre-marketing actions. Also, it is important to evaluate who hasn't come in a while and follow up accordingly.

Playroom papers new

Reducing time spent on paperwork with flexible check-in options

One of the main client inputs was to provide a system that would give the staff the flexibility to decide how visitors will check in. By simply typing in a name and picking from the list, search by name, or use a barcode and scan visitors loyalty card.
Since one of the primary responsibilities is the safety of the children left in care, the benefit of real-time information is crucial for the staff. Allergies are always on the rise among kids, so the staff should always be thoroughly informed of their situation.

Building an administration solution to enhance security processes

We provided a controlled and customized Django Admin solution, migrating clients old Excell sheets of applications into a Postgresql database. This first step made it easier for administrators to enter the data in a structured way and to connect data we extracted from their documents to date.

Playroom screens

In the next development iteration client wanted to minimize the repetitive steps end users had to do for each visit to the playroom. They wanted to transfer those steps to playroom administrator who would have direct access to collected data and have a faster way to fill the form required. We decided to expose both the administration interface and the form which would be used by playground administrator to efficiently retrieve the database information and facilitate a way to remove the repetitive steps previous method enforced on customers. We used a mix of Django/Redis/uWsgi/NgiNx on the server side and JS on the frontend side to build a custom dashboard which would balance administration and provide synchronization for each playroom. 

Playroom infrastructure

Developing this system was just the beginning. The next step is to create pre-registration features for visitors to sign-in before the arrival, on their mobile or tablet. It's all about customizing the system and process according to customers needs with automating paperwork, so that visitors can sign directly on the mobile or tablet and submit their signature before they even arrive. 

Playroom webscokets

Switching from analog to a new digital solution opened new potential avenues, with an aim to provide a secure and seamless way to track visitors with a more personal experience.

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